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Liverpool FC – You’ll Never Walk Alone

Scouse Humour “Liverpudlians” are known for their quick wit. Many say the humor comes from the severe hardships endured by the primarily working class people of Liverpool through the decades. In fact in Liverpool they will tell you that having a strong and well honed sense of humor is the only way to survive in […]

Change This – Check That…Daylight Saving Time

As we are coming up on that dreaded Sunday when we make the switch to Daylight Savings Time and “Spring Forward” as they say here in the US, or more importantly lose an hours sleep as I see it, I was reminded of this little fiasco that went on in our house just about this […]

VIP Book Club Programs

Before the Last All Clear never started out being written as a book in the traditional sense of things. Ray Evans hadn’t written anything even remotely approaching “creative” since he left school at the tender age of 14. However, his family recognized that he was in their words a “master story teller” in every sense […]

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A short narrated video gives an overview of the British Government’s WWII efforts to evacuate over 3.5 million women and children out of the cities which were known to be Nazi bombing targets. The evacuation program, code named “Operation Pied Piper”, was activated the day war with Germany was declared. Within a few short days […]