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photo of ray evans authorFirst of all thanks for checking out the blog!

Do you want to submit a review for one or both of Ray’s books?

Well first of all a big thanks for that!

Please feel free to jump right to the Contact Form at the bottom of the page because the rest of this isn’t anything you need to be bothered with or about, and I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got to say…

Interview Requests:

Ray will do interviews via email but really he prefers talking, so audio, tele-conferences, webinars & podcasts are great as long as you can deal with the Scouse/English accent!

For written interviews: please send the website or blog URL details of where and when the interview would be published if he’s able to accommodate it. Obviously the more lead time the better for all.

For audio interviews: please include talking points and some date & time options. We do ask for a copy of the audio recording and the rights to share that with our list and/or private groups such as, but not limited to our groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. We’re happy to work out any other details to ensure it does not encroach on whatever your plans are for the content.

Guest Blogging:

Please read the information below first, then use the contact form, that will shoot your message directly to the top of our inbox. The info we’re asking for will help confirm if our site/blog’s are a good ‘fit’ for each other. Using the form also helps us sort through email and respond much faster.


Message from the Webmaster:

Ray just turned 80, so he does do some guest blogging, but we try to keep plenty of time free for him to play Golf and watch Football! If there’s a heavy LFC match schedule, everything may have to wait until the off season 🙂 Seriously though, if you’d like a guest post for your blog, please help us understand what you’re expecting by sending the following:

Your Site or Blog URL and a topic suggestion if you want Ray to address something specific along with any requirements you may have for your guest posters.

We like to work with blogs that give proper Google Authorship credit for guest posts. If you’re not sure if you or yours does, just ask, we can explain it without getting too geekish on you, so please do contact us anyway, we’re not trying to be difficult, just smart!

Ray would love to feature guest bloggers too! If you want to submit a post to be considered for publishing on here’s a few pointers that’ll help be sure we’re all on the same page (pun intended):

  • All content must be unique, and we do require exclusive rights to both the post and reprint rights
  • We get that writing is a labor of love, so we want to be sure you get proper Google Authorship Credit for anything we do accept and publish. To do that right we’ll need a short bio for your author resource box and an email that has a Gravatar associated with it.
  • We need you to be able to submit your post along as plain text (a .txt file as in wordpad or note), that helps us get it published faster.
  • Any files or links and any royalty free images you think would fit well or that you want used in the post. Images must be your own, or at least proven to be Royalty Free with any citations included where/as they should be.

All guest post submissions will be reviewed ASAP and you WILL get a response from us either way. If we aren’t able to publish on REA, we’ll reply as soon as possible to let you know, so you can publish the post somewhere else.


Message From Ray:

I’m guessing that covers most situations, but if you have something that’s not covered here already, the form below works really well to get my attention and I do look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,
Ray Evans Sig

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