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Habitat Great Britain

We are working with Habitat GB to schedule events in Liverpool for late 2010. Below is just an excerpt from the Habitat GB home page for much more detailed information on how Habitat GB is helping people workd wide please visit their website  

Habitat for Humanity – Building Hope all over the World

Vision and Values

Every morning one third of the world’s population – that’s two billion people – will wake up in appalling poverty … squalid, spirit-crushing poverty. Most were born into those conditions and many will die in them … too many will die as a consequence of them.

Poverty housing damages people’s lives in so many ways. It’s dirty, smelly and often unsafe, it affects people’s health and wellbeing; their children’s education; their employment prospects. But most of all, poverty housing traps people in poverty and robs them of hope and opportunity. It oppresses the soul and keeps the poorest people poor.   In 1976 Habitat for Humanity was founded with the sole aim of tackling poverty housing on a global scale. More than thirty years later we are working in 90 countries around the world and have built 300,000 homes in partnership with people in need of safe, decent housing. This year, over one and a half million people around the world will wake up every morning and remember the appalling conditions they endured before building with Habitat for Humanity. Thankfully, for those people, squalid living conditions are now just a bad memory.  Habitat for Humanity is now building at such a rate that we serve a low-income family somewhere around the world every 10 minutes through new house construction, major house rehabilitation projects and with house repairs. In 2007, Habitat served a record 49,000 families in need. We are achieving this by mobilising thousands of volunteers every year to build alongside our homepartners, through gifts from our supporters and through the hard work of those people that will ultimately live in the house. We believe that everyone has the right to live in a safe decent home and by building in partnership with those in need we aim to eliminate poverty housing all over the world. Our homepartner families own their home and pay for them through a low cost, non-profit mortgage that recycles back into the community to sustain the local organisation and helps build more houses. A Habitat for Humanity home is a hand up – not a hand out. In the developing world, the average cost of all the materials and labour needed to build a typical Habitat house is only £1,235. For the price of a decent laptop, or a couple of monthly mortgage repayments, you could transform the lives of a family currently living in poverty housing – forever.

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