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All I Want Is A Peaceful World…and A Pork Pie! – Just Published on Kindle

It’s finally available for instant download on Kindle at– the next part of Ray’s story picks up as Ray returns to Liverpool and is finally reunited with his family after six years. During World War II over three million mothers and their children were evacuated under the British Government’s “Operation Pied Piper.” Ray Evans, […]

Liverpool FC – You’ll Never Walk Alone

Scouse Humour “Liverpudlians” are known for their quick wit. Many say the humor comes from the severe hardships endured by the primarily working class people of Liverpool through the decades. In fact in Liverpool they will tell you that having a strong and well honed sense of humor is the only way to survive in […]

Change This – Check That…Daylight Saving Time

As we are coming up on that dreaded Sunday when we make the switch to Daylight Savings Time and “Spring Forward” as they say here in the US, or more importantly lose an hours sleep as I see it, I was reminded of this little fiasco that went on in our house just about this […]

VIP Book Club Programs

Before the Last All Clear never started out being written as a book in the traditional sense of things. Ray Evans hadn’t written anything even remotely approaching “creative” since he left school at the tender age of 14. However, his family recognized that he was in their words a “master story teller” in every sense […]

The King’s Speech & Our George’s too…

I saw the movie The King’s Speech last night and found it enjoyable and very interesting. As I sat there watching the film, I couldn’t help thinking about my late brother George, how he suffered with his own dreadful stammer, and how he went through life always “struggling for words”. George died in 1980, and […]

Fear of Flying!

We’re off to England in a few weeks to attend our eldest Grandson’s wedding; something we’ve been looking forward to all year. The only snag is – I’m not and never have been overly keen on flying. Mind you, I’m also not nearly as bad as I used to be, say, ten or fifteen years […]

Buy A Signed Copy – Before The Last All Clear

Synopsis During World War II around three and a half million British people were evacuated away from possible air raids in the big cities in one of the largest social upheavals Great Britain has ever seen. The Government evacuation program was named Operation Pied Piper. Many of the evacuees were children. Journeys from the cities […]

Ray Evans on WHRO – What Matters

This Thanksgiving finds many families telling family stories at the dinner table.  Some stories are tall tales and others are rich chapters of extraordinary experience. On this episode of What Matters we have two incredible and inspirational stories to share with you. At age 6, Ray Evans’ escape wasn’t by his own choice.  In 1933, Nazi […]

My Introduction to Blogging…

So my daughter’s been working on developing this new website and she tells me now we’re going to put a “blog” on there. Well of course I’m sitting here asking her what the heck is a “blog” when it’s at home and what has it got to do with me? She explained that it’s a […]

VIP Event – Muscarelle Museum, College of William & Mary to benefit The Arc-GW

The Muscarelle Museum hosted author Ray Evans at an event to benefit the Arc of Greater Williamsburg.  The Muscarelle Museum at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, provided a wonderful venue for this VIP Reader event. The evening began with a multi media presentation about the British Government’s “Operation Pied Piper”. This incredible program orchestrated the evacuation of over 3 million children from cities and know […]