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Before the Last All Clear by Ray Evans

Book Cover
Book Cover
~ During World War II around three and a half million British people were evacuated away from possible air raids in the big cities in one of the largest social upheavals Great Britain has ever seen. The Government evacuation program was named Operation Pied Piper. 
~ Many of the evacuees were children.
~Journeys from the cities were long and tiring and the evacuees did not know where they were going. They were often dropped off in groups and gathered in a local village hall or school to be 'chosen' by the prospective foster parents. One of those children was Ray Evans whose family was transported from Liverpool to a small town in Wales called Llanelli.
~ In "Before the Last All Clear", Evans tells a harrowing tale of leaving his mother and being forced to live with families who at best regarded him as a nuisance and, at worst, exploited him.
~ Evans account takes a happy turn when he is billeted to a family who make him so welcome that he is reluctant to leave them at the end of the war.

~ Written in a simple, direct style "Before the Last All Clear" depicts a world far removed from the glamour and sophistication of the twenty-first century.







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