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All I Want Is A Peaceful World…& A Pork Pie!

cover image for All I Want Is A Peaceful World...and A Pork Pie!During World War II over three million mothers and their children were evacuated under the British Government’s “Operation Pied Piper.”

Ray Evans, age 6 at the time, was one of those children. Separated from his family and home he wasn’t able to return to Liverpool until he was 12.

Experiences like Ray’s, inevitably change and affect us, especially the very young. Many of those experiences, the horrible, sometimes hilarious and eventually happy, were shared in his previous memoir Before The Last All Clear.

All I Want is a Peaceful World…Plus a Pork Pie! Picks up Ray’s story as he returns to Liverpool, to be reunited with his parents and siblings.

Join Ray on his amazing life journey, as he struggles to make sense of the desolation he finds in war ravaged Liverpool, his years as a young adult doing his National Service in Egypt, his romance with Lilian, now his bride of 57 years, and the entrepreneurial spirit that propelled him to start his own successful business.

See how Ray’s evacuation experiences shaped his character, influenced his mindset, brought his innate sense of determination to the fore and helped him define his own future. They say hindsight is 20:20 but Ray has always chosen to focus on the future because, as he explains “That’s where we are the architects of our own lives!”

Live the roller coaster of joy, disappointment and frustration:

  • As Ray returns home to Liverpool.
  • As he finds himself, in a war zone again!
  • As he strives to make a life better than he was born into.
  • As he starts over, and over again.
  • Always reaching for the light at the end of the tunnel
    – his dream of “being his own boss!”

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