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How to Discuss a Book

We discovered a fantastic resource for Book Clubs and reading groups. LitLovers is the brainchild of Molly Lundquist, a former college English instructor who loves to read and has put together a great site with lots of resources for Book Clubs and Reading Groups.

Molly Lundquist from

Molly Lundquist of

We’re so impressed with LitLovers that we’ve included several links on this page to help you access the site right from here (we do kind of hope you’ll stay with us and look at Molly’s site later though).

You can always click through any of the linked text on this page, then click your back button to head back to us when you’re done or just bookmark the LitLovers pages and check them out later.

Anyway, we’ve “borrowed” a few things from Molly’s site [with her generous permission of course] to give you just a “taste” of what’s in store when you do visit LitLovers.

Of course if there’s anything you or your group are struggling with, we have a great team here at Ray Evans Author, just shoot us a line and we’ll do our best to help too.

How To Lead A Discusssion

  1. Toss one question at a time out to the group. Use Litovers Resources for a list of ideas.
  2. Select a number of questions, write them on an index card and pass them out. Each member (or team of 2 or 3) takes a card and answers the question.
  3. Use a prompt (an object) related to the story, it can help members thinking about some aspect of the story. (Think maps, photos, paintings, food, music, a film etc)
  4. Pick out a specific passage from the book-a description, idea, line of dialogue-and ask members to comment on it.
  5. Choose a primary character and ask members to comment on him or her.
  6. Play a literary game, Use one of our Ice Breakers or one of LitLovers Games. One of our favorites from Molly’s list is “Hollywood Bowl” – be sure to check it out.
  7. Distribute hand-outs to everyone in order to refresh memories or to use as talking points. Identify the characters and summarize the plot.

Again, Molly’s LitLovers is a fantastic site with amazing resources for Book Clubs and Reading Groups. We’re very grateful to Molly for allowing us to share some of her insights here and hope you will check out the many other resources and book reviews she has on her site.

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