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Book Clubs

Within the next few pages you’ll find some handy book club/reading group resources. We’ve gathered together some great information, resources, tips and hints to help both new and well established groups.

One of the most popular programs we have offered are our own VIP Reader events. You can schedule a private showing of our exclusive 40 minute video to give an overview of the events leading up to the declaration of War.

The VIP Reader video also talks about the implementation of Operation Pied Piper, a Government program to relocate over 3 million women and children away from the cities which were known to be primary Nazi Luftwaffe bombing targets.

Our Meeting Helpers

We make it easy for book club and group organizers, providing everything you need to ensure a successful event right from email invitation templates to thank you for attending emails.

We’ve set up meetings for large Book Club’s, small private Reading Group’s and Schools, and you need only 5 books sold to qualify for VIP Access!

If you want to take it a step further with our VIP PLUS program, Ray will attend your book club, group or school “virtual meeting” via Skype for a live Question and Answer session.

Check out this short video, it explains everything about our VIP Reader Programs in detail so you can see just how easily you can host your own VIP Reader event.

VIP Reader Program

for Book Clubs, Reading Groups & Schools.
Learn more about our VIP Reader, VIP PLUS video and teleconferences for Book Clubs, Reading Groups or Schools. You can schedule an event with as few as five books purchased direct through the BeforeTheLastAllClear website.

Ready To Host Your Own VIP Reader Event?

We do get a lot of requests so please, use the form below to ask any questions or schedule your own VIP Reader event.

We’ll be in touch with you absolutely as soon as possible to answer any questions or concerns and help get your event on the schedule asap.

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Ray Evans Sig
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