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ray-evans-head-shot1 Welcome to the website for my book ‘Before the Last All Clear." This site was created simply to provide an easy place for people to learn more about the author and how the book came to be. During the writing of the book I learned a lot that I had either forgotten or was never aware of because I was so young when the events took place. It was in the course of my researching certain war time events for accuracy and inclusion in the book that I discovered just how much interest there really must be because of the myriad of websites and organizations that exist. I have tried to provide links to websites and organizations with more information or even where fellow evacuees could possibly track down their evacuee families and friends. Before the Last All Clear began as a way to ensure the stories that had fascinated my children and now my grandchildren, would continue to be shared within our family. Although I was reluctant at first [I felt I never had the education to write a book and am well aware I am no Shakespeare]  however it became a labor of love and grew into so much more than I ever expected it to. Many people tell me the stories are funny, sad and some even say beautiful. I can only say they have meant much to me and had a very deep and lasting effect on the person I became in later life. I hope you have an opportunity to read the book and that you enjoy it.

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