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Ray Evans on WHRO – What Matters

WHRO-Photo-MontageThis Thanksgiving finds many families telling family stories at the dinner table. 

Some stories are tall tales and others are rich chapters of extraordinary experience.

On this episode of What Matters we have two incredible and inspirational stories to share with you.

At age 6, Ray Evans’ escape wasn’t by his own choice.  In 1933, Nazi Germany was targeting his native country of Britain.  He shares this story in his book, “Before The Last All Clear” of how he was forced away from his family until he was 12 years old.

At age 17, Aniko Tottossy escaped her native home of Hungary during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. She shares her story of how she fled to America while on the Hungarian Womens’ National Basketball Team.

Cathy Lewis hosts What Matters
November 27th at 8:30 PM on WHRO-TV 15

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