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A short narrated video gives an overview of the British Government’s WWII efforts to evacuate over 3.5 million women and children out of the cities which were known to be Nazi bombing targets.

The evacuation program, code named “Operation Pied Piper”, was activated the day war with Germany was declared. Within a few short days millions of lives were forever changed as they were evacuated to locations that were at least perceived to be safer for the duration of the war.

Nobody expected the war would go on as long as it did, most hoped it would last just a few months. As we know now, the war in fact waged on for over 6 years.

For many evacuees, Ray included, those were what are accepted to be the most formative years and their lives.

Indeed their characters were forever changed and affected by their experiences during the years spent in what for some felt like being in “exile”!

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