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Before the Last All Clear never started out being written as a book in the traditional sense of things. Ray Evans hadn’t written anything even remotely approaching “creative” since he left school at the tender age of 14. However, his family recognized that he was in their words a “master story teller” in every sense of the phrase.

At the urging of his daughter, he was persuaded to create a written record of the stories from his evacuation during world war two, that she remembered him telling her as a child. Recognizing that her own daughter would likely one day want to share Ray’s tales with her own children, she encouraged him to preserve his experiences in his own words, as only he would be able to tell them.

Cover image of Before The Last All ClearOnce he got started, Ray found the book pretty much took on a life of its own and he was soon enlisting the help of his brothers and sisters to fill in some of the details he had long since forgotten. Written from the eyes of a child, the book tells of Ray’s experiences as a child evacuee in the UK during World War II.

Separated from his family from 6 years of age until he was 12, these are the tales of his life at that time. Some are funny, some a bit sad, but all are testament to the tenacity and enduring spirit of youth. His experiences were, although he’d no idea at the time, busy shaping both his mind and character.

Ray just celebrated his 80th birthday, and has enjoyed a long and successful life, but this book covers his time spent in South Wales as an evacuee under the British Government’s epic war time evacuation plan Operation Pied Piper – where over 3 million women and children were evacuated away from known Luftwaffe bombing targets such as Ray’s hometown of Liverpool.

#1 Readers Choice - Welsh National year of reading program.

#1 Readers Choice – Welsh Books Council
National Year of Reading

Before the Last All Clear is available in stores, on and all the usual outlets, but when you buy direct from this site, the official home of Ray Evans – Author, we are able to offer two VIP Reader Programs created especially with book clubs, reading groups and schools in mind.

With the VIP Reader program, readers get a SIGNED (with their requested inscription) copy of Before the Last All Clear and the group will have private VIP Access to an exclusive 40 minute narrated video presentation streamed via the web.

The VIP PLUS Program includes a SIGNED (personalized with your requested inscription) copy of Before the Last All Clear, VIP access to view our exclusive Video, then you also have a 45 minute private author Q&A session exclusively for your group.

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Listen to an MP3 Excerpt narrated by Llanelli native Garry Nichols.

Watch a 3 minute Video to learn more about Operation Pied Piper.


1st Place – Readers Choice (English Language), Welsh Book Council Wales Reads program 2008

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